No pumpkins? No problem. Celebrating Halloween in Indonesia

Devoid of pumpkins, themed candy, and eager trick-or-treaters, Fulbright English Teaching Assistants instead turned to watermelons, care packages from home and whatever supplies were on hand to give their Indonesian students a memorable American experience.

“There may not be pumpkins, but we still have jack-o’-lanterns! SMK 1 celebrates their first Halloween in Sumbawa Besar.”
William Henley (with McCahey Townsend & Kate Mishkin) | Sumbawa Besar

“We led an October Halloween party at the Pontianak American Corner. The 45 partiers designed masks, bobbed for apples, trick-or-treated, and competed for the best newspaper-costume. For authenticity purposes, I had a playlist of Sam Adams, Wiz Khalifa, and Calvin Harris playing throughout the party.”
– Jordan Farrer | Pontianak

“My students are awesome – I invited everyone over for a Halloween party, and they actually scared me half to death. Success.”
– Kelsey Figone (with Dana Ziegler) | Madiun

“Students went gaga for Halloween.  They draped the whole language learning center in black fabric and spiderwebs, carved watermelons, wrapped each other as mummies and went crazy with face paint!”
-Sarah Brafman | Parung

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