Fulbrights celebrate Christmas in Indonesia

When the Ambon English Teaching Assistants were handed a Santa costume and asked to participate in the church’s yearly festivities, they jumped at the chance and invited a visiting ETA to help. By the end of Santa’s visits in the mountains, the climbing had left her beard very sweaty, but that only made this Santa thankful that beards belong on real Santas — and not his female ETA impostors.

ompit groupLS

“Our Christmas festivities this year included the terrifying Om Pit. As the story goes, Om Pit comes to kidnap the bad children and put them in a sack. The designated Om Pit actors come and scare all the children, and then Santa comes in to tell them how to improve their behavior…’Harus rajin belajar, jangan melawan mama dan papa…’”
-Leah Smith, May May Kaufman and Dana Ziegler | Ambon, Maluku


“We walked around to different houses and handed out the presents.”
-Leah Smith, May May Kaufman and Dana Ziegler | Ambon, Maluku


“We also had students come to our house and we all made Christmas ornaments together. They saw that our tree was bare, and instead of making ornaments for themselves, they decided to help us decorate our tree.”
-Leah Smith and May May Kaufman | Ambon, Maluku


“Some of the Class X ladies of SMAN1 Pangkal Pinang happily celebrated their first Christmas by helping decorate Anna’s home. They strung Christmas lights, made origami stars out of batik paper to decorate the tree, cut a string of paper snowflakes, and pieced together a paper chain. In Indonesian fashion, there was a photo session and the girls all took home a paper star to help remember the holiday festivities.”
-Anna DeVries and Kelsey Figone | Pangkal Pinang, Bangka


“Christmas carols played in the typical never-ending American fashion as everyone frosted cut-out star cookies, and the girls enjoyed their first taste of apple cider. If cinnamon, cloves, and apple juice don’t make your home smell like Christmas, nothing will.”
-Anna DeVries and Kelsey Figone | Pankal Pinang, Bangka

IMG_6726AD“That night we were invited to join the Christians of SMAN1 for their school Christmas program. Luckily, this included an invitation to sing ‘Winter Wonderland’ with the female teachers, so we donned our Santa hats and helped with the melody. Just like home, the program included a candlelit ‘Silent Night,’ and we realized Christmas isn’t so different halfway across the globe.”
-Anna DeVries and Kelsey Figone | Pankal Pinang, Bangka

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