Find the Fulbrighter – Blending in with traditional dress

traditionaldress2MT copy“Sumbawanese traditional dress is elaborate — these outfits consist of a cloth bound around the waist, a sarong, undershirt, and translucent top layer. The bright colors seen here are typical of Sumbawanese clothing. Hair and makeup are also a must for any formal event. No traditional outfit is complete without a hair piece, seen here attached at the back of the head and adorned with heavy, metal flowers. As they say, beauty is pain!”
– McCahey Townsend and Kate Mishkin | Sumbawa Besar, Nusa Tenggara Barat

traditionaldress1MT“Happy Islamic New Year! I wore a kebaya and headscarf to celebrate with my students.”
– McCahey Townsend | Sumbawa Besar, Nusa Tenggara Barat

traditionaldressNB“When I was studying bahasa Indonesia at the University of Michigan, I was lucky to have Miranda — a Fulbright Teaching Assistant from Indonesia — to help me when my professor was unavailable. Moving to Indonesia three years later, I discovered that Miranda lived close to my small town of Krian. Over the few months leading to her marriage, Miranda welcomed me and another ETA, Ellen, into her family with open arms. For her wedding, Ellen and I were determined to wear traditional clothing. Her parents were kind enough to drive us around the city, as we rushed to find a tailor. The kebaya, the lace top, is traditionally worn over a tailored batik skirt. Since I was running short on time, I improvised and wrapped a piece of batik fabric the same way I would wrap an Indian sari. It was fun to celebrate a beautiful occasion in Indonesian style.”
-Nina Bhattacharya and Ellen Myers with Morgan Shelburne
and Seth Soderborg | Krian, East Java

traditionaldressAD“When we were getting our “2 kilos” of metal flowers arranged on our heads I was worried about this being the equivalent of wearing white to someone else’s wedding – especially since I had seen this exact outfit worn by other Bangkanese brides – but the couple wore a different traditional dress from the nearby city of Palembang.”
– Anna DeVries | Pangkal Pinang, Bangka


 “I dressed as a traditional Sasak bride for Lombok’s annual culture parade. With a mock groom by my side, I paraded through the town with decorative yellow umbrellas held over my head. The heavy songket wrapped around my waist, velvet jacket, and five extra pounds of flowers and fake hair attached to my head certainly made it more challenging to walk.”
– Lily Wiggins | Praya, East Lombok


“In October, Praya hosted a parade celebrating the cultural heritage of the Sasak people in Lombok. I got to wear a traditional Sasak outift called lampung. The make-up artist tried to whiten my skin, but unfortunately the Indonesian tan has set in. The final result was my counterpart and I dressed to the nines for our parade debut!”
-Iris Malone | Praya, East Lombok

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