A Tropical Halloween: ETAs celebrate with their students

Halloweenrai“Bringing Halloween to Malang with Apple Bobbing and Mask Making”
-RaiNesha Miller | SMAN 10 Malang, East Java

Halloweenemily“MAN 1 students celebrate their first Halloween by substituting carved watermelons for traditional
-Emily Denny | MAN 1 Semarang, Central Java

halloweenkelsey“My students love everything spooky, scary, and horrifying, so they went all out for our Halloween party and The Conjuring screening. They dressed up as traditional Indonesian ghosts, like Kuntilanak, and the water from bobbing for apples made their runny, bloody makeup even more terrifying.”
-Kelsey Figone | SMAN3 Medan, North Sumatra


“It didn’t take a lot of prompting to get my students excited about carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, eating candy, and taking photos of their costumes for their first Halloween celebration.”
-Anna DeVries | SMAN8 Malang, East Java


“For their first time celebrating Halloween, my students enjoyed apple bobbing, drinking apple cider, eating doughnuts on a string, touching “brains” (noodles) and “eyeballs” (lychee fruit) in boxes, and carving watermelon jack-o-lanterns. One of the most exciting activities was eating doughnuts on a string. I later found out that the Javanese have a similar custom used when celebrating Indonesian Independence day (August 17), but they replace the doughnuts on a string with the Indonesian cracker krupuk on a string.”
-Amelia Murphy |  MAN2 Semarang, Central Java


“Students from the English Community show off their costumes and scary faces. The English Community’s Halloween party included carving a jack-o-lantern, learning about the history of Halloween, swapping ghost stories from America and Indonesia, and snacking on imported candies. Students dressed up as pirates, ninjas, monsters, and more!”
-Katy Rennenkampf | SMK Analis Kimia Bogor

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