Indonesian Wedding Photography: Capturing Traditions in Indonesia

– By Bianca Rajan –

After living in Indonesia for five months I can say with confidence that Indonesians like two things, weddings and taking pictures. I have only been to three weddings so far, but many ETAs are already in the double digits. Weddings in Indonesia are very, very different from weddings in the US. Malay ceremonies in particular are steeped in age-old traditions.

baruRyan Hidayat is my 23-year-old friend and neighbor. He also is a wedding photographer, who documents hundreds of Malay, Dayak, and Chinese weddings in Pontianak every year. His “Washang Photagraphy” sign went up on the turn to my small alley three months into my grant, which improved my direction giving abilities tenfold. I love his photography as his photos capture what millions of Indonesians are after in the wedding photography industry. His clients pay over 6,000,000 IDR (approx. 600 USD) for wedding packets, which includes a pre-wedding shoot, documentation of makeup and preparation, the actual wedding, and a book + CD of the photos. Please enjoy his photos because they tell the story of a unique wedding culture that is full of life, pride, and culture, thriving here in Indonesia.

You can see more of his photography on his Facebook page Ogeb Ryan


img 05

img 04





pelaminan 2






sava 3


IMG_0143edit 5up load3



About the author: Bianca Rajan is a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Pontianak, West Kalimantan (commonly known as Borneo). She graduated from Washingtion and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, with a degree in Art and International Studies. Bianca is originally from Maui, Hawai’i, she loves playing futsal and eating fruits and vegetables.

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