A Retrospective Fulbright Packing List

— By Michael Kirkpatrick Miller —

Every year, 30-35 Fulbright ETA Grant winners are shipped off to teach English in Indonesia. Living in a new country can be a scary experience for recent graduates, which makes being prepared of the utmost importance. Below is a list of items some Fulbright ETAs wish they would have brought with them to Indonesia, and a list of items they wish they would have left at home.


What I should I have brought . . .
Whiteboard Markers
Cell Phone Charger
Workout Videos
More Deodorant
ASPE for Dummies
Invisibility Cloak
T9 Skills
Key to the Suitcase Lock
Rolling “R’s”
Extra Passport
Second Extra Passport
Accountant specializing in out-of-country taxes
Spotify Dangdut Playlist
Cat Food
Cell phone leash
Knowledge of Go-Phones
Back-Up Charles Schwab Debit Card
More Tums
Selfie Skills
More Pants
More Underwear
An appreciation of creative driving maneuvers
Full-time Translator
Maroon 5: The Complete Collection
Justin Bieber: The Hits So Far
Taylor Swift and Jessie J Soundcloud Mashups
Knowledge that DMV = Imigrasi

What I should have left at home . . .
Permanent Markers that look like Whiteboard Markers
Bound Senior Thesis, “Lombok or Bali? Which is the next PCB?”
Lonely Planet books on Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Timor, Singapore
High Heels
A prioritization of privacy
Espresso Machine
Locked iPhone 6
Locked iPhone 5
Locked iPad Mini
Locked Galaxy Note 4
Locked Motorola Razr
Locked Nokia Brick Phone
Northface, REI, and Patagonia Backpacks
2 out of 3 Camelbak Water Bottles
Lion Air frequent flyer card
Tuxedo T-shirt
NSYNC: The Complete Collection
Backstreet Boys: The Complete Collection
Shaggy: Greatest Hits
Framed Diploma
Prepaid Collect Call Card
Parents Amex Card
Encyclopedia, Volume H-I
Spicy Food Confidence
GRE Study Materials
Netflix Subscription
HBO GO Account
All 7 Harry Potter Books
Teddy Bear
Ikea Closet Organizer
Lowes Gift Card from Grandma
Air Jordan 7s
Winter Parka

Michael Kirkpatrick Miller
 is a 2015-2016 Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Makassar, Indonesia. He co-created and co-hosts The Jockstrap Podcast, a podcast about American Football. Find him on Twitter, @MichaelKirkpat.

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