Monthly Highlights: April-May 2016

In the final installment of the Monthly Highlights series for 2015-2016, ETAs from across Indonesia share celebrations and successes from their final weeks in Indonesia.

Lombok, 18-19 April 2016: Teacher Training Workshop

ETAs Hiram Reynolds, Abby Snyder, and RELO English Language Fellow Marcela Angel hosted a teacher training workshop April 18th-19th, 2016 at IKIP and UNRAM (two universities in Mataram). The workshop focused on ways to be more creative in the classroom, including sessions on communicative teaching, teaching the “4 Skills” more creatively, more creative uses of games and music in the classroom, as well as others. Indonesian graduates Nadira and Indah also helped organize the event and gave presentations to the participants. The workshop was a big success and included participants from several different schools in Mataram as well as faculty and students from STKIP, a university in Lombok Timor, who were particularly grateful for the opportunity to attend.

Yogyakarta, Central Java, 21 April 2016: SMAN1 Teladan Yogyakarta Celebrates Kartini Day

To celebrate Kartini Day, a day of women’s empowerment and education, ETA Julia Xia and her students wore traditional Javanese kebayas to school and participated in a school-wide competition where groups of students could cook a dish of their choice, perform their favorite Javanese song, or read an Indonesian poem of their choice. Some of the dishes that were prepared that day were lotek, gado-gado, pecel, bakmi jawa, kupat tahu, and sate. It was a day for students to have a break from classes and take the time to remember the historical woman who championed for women’s education despite traditional gender roles.


MAN Model Gorontalo, 21 April 2016: Kartini Day Celebrations

On Kartini Day, ETA Grace Wivell was able to support her students as they participated in a series of events to celebrate Hari Kartini, a day to remember Raden Adjeng Kartini, a pioneer in women’s education. Activities included a “Miss Kartini” Pageant, a dance performance, a Taekwondo performance, and a speech competition. Here, Grace can be seen with members of the dance team, all dressed in traditional kebaya.

Grace 3

Malang, East Java, 23 April 2016: Launch of City-Wide English Conversation Club

Camille Ungco, an ETA in Malang, collaborated with her friend Firdaus, who is the founder of EnglishPLUS Malang and a lecturer from Brawijaya University, to create an English conversation club for the city. They had their first meeting at Meat Up Cafe on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016. They invited local university students as well as foreign interns and employees currently living in Malang to discuss Indonesian and foreign language and culture. Their topics consisted of “how to address people using titles,” “dating and relationships,” “culture and traditions,” and “family members and relationships.” The club also had individuals from Romania, Argentina, Sweden, and the Philippines in attendance. University students came from English Literature and Education, Political Science, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Midwifery, and Army faculties.

Camille 1

Camille 3

MAN Model Gorontalo, Week of April 25th: Students Present Their Final English Projects

As the semester drew to a close, tenth grade students at MAN Model Gorontalo worked on their last English Project before final exams began. This, the Narrative Text Project, offered students a choice in what they produced: they could write a story, make a comic, film a video, or perform a drama. The only rules they were given from their teachers and their ETA Grace Wivell were that it had to be in English, and it had to be original. The students’ creativity shined as they presented their final products, such as the drama being performed in the first photo or the posters on display in the second photo.



Bandung, West Java, Week of April 25th: Launch of Student-Run Online Store

The Entrepreneurs Club of SMA BPI 1 was proud to announce the launch of its student-run BEST One Store during the week of April 25th.The capstone of this year’s club activities, the BEST One Store showcases BPI students’ small business ventures as well as their administrative acumen. The website–designed by one of the 10th grade students–provides an online marketplace for student products ranging from snacks to t-shirts. Orders and fulfillment are handled by club members with all profits going to the students themselves. Marketing manager Azna Siregar encourages everyone to visit the website. She adds, “The BEST One crew isn’t just a group of people; we are a family. And BEST One isn’t just a project, it’s a mission.” With tremendous support from students and teachers alike, including ETA Dalton Fouts, the Entrepreneurs Club looks set to provide an enduring legacy of the Fulbright’s partnership with SMA BPI 1 this year.

Dalton 1

Dalton 3

MAN Model Gorontalo, Tuesdays in April 2016: Filming for The Bahasa Project

Throughout the month of April, the students of the MAN Model Gorontalo English Club worked hard to produce videos for the “Thousands of Islands, Hundreds of Voices” project. The videos for this project aim to teach Bahasa Indonesia to English speakers as it relates to a particular topic. For MAN Model, their chosen topic was “Words to Describe People’s Personality.” The students and their ETA, Grace Wivell, are excited to see the videos and project already live online. Check out their finished project in the video below. For more videos, go here.

Pangkal Pinang, Bangka-Belitung Province, 14 May 2016: Farewell Party 

ETAs Kelly Fitzgerald and Caitlin Jordan, both living in Pangkal Pinang, decided to throw a farewell party for their friends, neighbors, students, and fellow teachers. Kelly and Caitlin spent weeks preparing for the party, which was held at their shared home and attended by over 300 community members. The headmistress of SMAN 3 (Kelly’s school) and headmaster of SMKN 2 (Caitlin’s school) were both in attendance and gave moving speeches during the party.

After holding back tears during the farewell speeches and then sharing lunch, most of the guests wished Kelly and Caitlin safe travels and went home. But the party wasn’t over yet! Later in the afternoon, the ETAs invited all 60+ members of the Bukit Merapin English Club–an English Club Kelly and Caitlin held weekly for young children in their neighborhood–to come and receive Certificates of Achievement for their participation in the English Club.

The photos below show the party from start to finish: the tent and chairs neatly arranged before the guests arrived; teachers from Kelly’s school before they departed; and Fhaiz, a nearly-fluent 5-year-old who was the star student in Bukit Merapin English Club.  20160514_113629 20160514_141329 20160514_161643

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