Indonesia.jpg: the Classroom

Just as every site placement and home is different, so is every school and classroom. For our second edition of “Indonesia.jpg,” we aim to portray the similarities and differences between our schools. After all, we are here to teach English, and outside of our homes, the classroom is where we spend a lot (if not most) of our time.

Notice the differences between classrooms: some are decorated, others not at all. Some equipped with technology, others less so. What do you notice about what each classroom has in common? Notice the set up of the classes, and the different colors of the walls. How are the students dressed? And the teachers? What is similar, different, or unique in these pictures as compared to a typical classroom in the US?

2 thoughts on “Indonesia.jpg: the Classroom

  1. Are these photos from the same school, same province, same island? Great post – perfectly fits in with the Australian curriculum!! Intercultural Learning!! Intercultural and intercultural too.

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