Six months in Indonesia: A ‘graphic’ assessment

“Where words fail, graphs speak.” – Anonymous(ly fabricated)   As a biochemistry and political science major, my life during the four years prior to my Fulbright grant was dedicated to working intimately with independent variables, fostering relationships with regressions, and searching for the satisfaction of statistical significance. However, the nearness of my six month “Indo-versary”…

A sea of sharks out of water

“There’s nothing like learning your favorite swimming and snorkeling island is surrounded by sharks. The fishermen here offer their daily catch for sale at the nightly Kurau fish market.” Anna DeVries | Pangkal Pinang, Bangka-Belitung

Introductions at a rural village

(Jordan Farrer/Indonesiaful) | Pontianak, West Kalimantan “A university student, Rosalina, introduces me to a classroom full of students. I am speaking in a village outside of Pontianak promoting English learning through an American Corner program. Lit only by the unforgiving equatorial sun, the classrooms in this village have no markings of electricity.”