Gorontalo, a “Hidden Paradise”

The local airport boasts a sign with the phrase, “Welcome to Gorontalo, The Hidden Paradise,” although my site partner and I called Gorontalo a “hidden gem” multiple times before we noticed this sign. The slogan refers to the incredible underwater life and diving in the Gulf of Tomini. While it is true the marine flora…

Cat nap

“A lazy cat takes a nap in the shade near a local fish market.  I can only imagine it just finished snacking on a fisherman’s morning catch.” Kelsie Miller | Gorontalo, Sulawesi

Pasar Tradisional

“A local vendor sells fresh vegetables, potatoes, and chilies at a traditional market in Gorontalo. The pasar tradisional in each Indonesian city is often the best source of fresh, affordable, and locally grown food. At this particular market the fish were so fresh they were still squirming on the table!” Kelsie Miller | Gorontalo, Sulawesi