Apathy and corruption in the archipelago

As an American, I’m used to the endless campaign cycle. In the months and years before a presidential election, we are inundated with advertisements and news about candidates. It’s difficult to turn on the TV or listen to the radio without the election being mentioned. Elections often breed awkward family functions, rambunctious debates with friends,…

Students take a break from studying with their new English textbooks to pose for a picture. (Elizabeth Kennedy/ Indonesiaful)

A look at the 2013 Curriculum

Children seem to be everywhere one looks in Indonesia. The central importance of family within Indonesian culture means that people have a lot of children and those children must be educated. It is a key duty of the Indonesian government to provide a sound education system. In fact, it is constitutionally mandated that education account…

Mount Salak’s Hindu Sanctuary

“A small sanctuary of Hinduism can be found on Mount Salak at Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatnatha temple, just outside of Bogor. It is the largest Hindu temple in the area, and is maintained by temple guardians who look after the grounds.” Katy Rennenkampf | Bogor, West Java